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Welcome to my world! Celebrate with me! I am really happy today because this is my first post on my website's blog: Meet Your Multidimensional Self. Step by step I will introduce you to my work, my life...and all healing, energy, and quantum-related topics!

We are multidimensional beings. We are not limited to the body that we see. It's not just it. We are made in layers, and all our information - about who we are, what we have been through, where we come from, our issues, emotions, characteristics, and much more - is contained in an ever-present space-time field that surrounds our physical body, and at the same time transcends the laws of our three-dimensional world. The information contained in this field of knowledge influences our physical reality, it shapes our world accordingly to its vibration. Some pieces are known to our conscious mind, others are hidden, or we are not aware of them. Consciously accessing this space enables us to work on expanding our world as much as we desire or solving the issues we perceive in our reality.

Meet Your Multidimensional Self is a way to access that space of possibilities: the quantum field - if we look at it with the scientific eyes of quantum mechanics. We can describe the approach as multi-powered energy healing!

This kind of work allows us to reach and dissolve the root cause of a problem. The trouble can be a physical ailment, an emotional issue, past trauma that is still hanging on our heads, or a repetitive pattern that we cannot break.

Here's a list of what I have been working on so far with my beautiful clients:

- depression, anxiety disorders, fear and terror;
- connection and communication with the inner child;
- trans-generational trauma;
- the wounds that come from abandonment, heartbreak, and loss;
- limiting beliefs and programs, brought into the psyche by society, religion and educational system;
- sexual energy, healing of the pelvic floor, healing of sexual trauma, shame, and repression;
- retrieving lost memories;
- retrieving lost or stolen parts of the soul;
- chronic physical ailments;
- womb clearing and activations;
- digestive issues;
- work with past/parallel lifetimes, to access a certain issue;
- breaking spells, getting rid of energetic parasites and vampires;

The list is long...! There's no limit to what we can do. Together, we can work on anything that brings unbalance in our everyday life. The healing process takes time and is made in many phases. I will be happy to support you as long as you need, in many different ways.If you feel you are happy with your life, experiencing our multidimensional nature shows us how to enlarge our capacity to be more empowered human beings, that walk this earth with an expanded consciousness. In other words, beings that flow through their life with ease. Humans have their deepest desires met, on every level. Accessing our nature of infinite beings is pure power. Anchoring it into the physical world is mind-blowing magic. The impact is made of endless possibilities. If you desire to deepen your psychic gifts, expand your intuition, learn how to clean your body and your home from dense energies, contact and feel the other versions of yourself operating in other dimensions, explore the Universe and connect with Spirit (Source, God, whatever you want to call it!)...then Meet Your Multidimensional Self is the right space to do so.

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