Multidimensional Healing Sessions

My goal is to lift the veil with you, to show you how beautiful & powerful you are, free from limitations, societal programming, beliefs, or any other structures that cause dis-ease, emotional pain or discomfort.

My sessions are a combination of methods and techniques that are the result of intense years of investigation, study, training, and healing conducted on my very own skin. Everything started in the Ancient Egyptian temples when, many years ago, I accessed the ancient tradition of their healing arts: since then I have walked on this path with passion, dedication, and integrity.

Through powerful visualizations, I guide you to consciously access the quantum field, and create a safe structure where we can work. Together, we will go on a magical journey where we will call for healing, clearing density, and targeting the dysfunctions that are the root cause of the problem complained.

I am the channel for your healing and evolution. I am your guide through the dimensions, opening the doors of your perception of reality and pain.


The work I do has been described as psychic surgery: opening the field to operate, disassemble and extract (whether is a limiting program, an implant or some kind of density), filling in with light and new codes, and sealing. Throughout the process, I use a shamanic approach. My energy structure interplays with yours, with my voice, the sound of maracas or the drum… and I love to play with elements such as essential oils, crystals, and plants.

I hold space for humans who are committed to getting free from that emotional pain or that has been carrying for so long... sometimes without even knowing it. We can break repetitive patterns, find the root cause of chronic physical ailments, and address them. I help you release a situation that you no longer want in your life but don't know how to let go of. I guide you to deepen your relationship with your emotions, clear heaviness and trauma, and find joy again. I am specialized in connecting with and healing inner child wounds, sexual energy, and sexual abuse. It's real magic what happens when we access your multidimensional aspects.



Healing Sessions Pricing Packages

I offer single sessions for a sacred exchange of 255$, a half-hour cleansing session for 111$ or we can plan a bundle. Right after the first meeting, you will walk this world with a different awareness of yourself and your body, body pains will dissipate and you will feel a heavy weight has been lifted from your being. You will soon start seeing the effects of the energy work we have done together in your everyday life.

There are two options: in-person sessions (I am currently based in Egypt but I travel all the time. Write me to know where I am!) or a video call. Both are equally powerful and very different in structure.

It is a very powerful and beautiful journey for both of us! 

4-week package


6-week package