The Embody Your Multidimensional Self Program

A tailor-made, three-month, one to one container dedicated to those brave souls who want to embark on an adventure to revolutionize their lives.

For three months, week after week, we will tackle different levels of your being to release density and raise your frequency.

Together, we will clear dense energies from your field and release trauma stored in your cells. We will retrieve lost parts of your soul, connect with your inner child and travel through space and time, exploring the unseen versions of you.

We will do real magick!

We will reconnect you to your unique multidimensional gifts and those versions of you that hold your Divine Blueprint. You will go back to your own, true essence. Your eyes will be open to the richness of your special, stunning, multifaceted Being.

Imagine all this (and more!), practised with consistency for three life-altering months. You will unblock energy streams and gifts that were unknown to you, and you access a whole new, mind-blowing depth of living your daily life.

After committing to this work, your perception of reality will be forever changed. 

The ‘Embody Your Multidimensional Self’ 3-month program includes:

One weekly healing session for twelve weeks
Post-session follow-up for integration
Direct access to Ines: receiving daily support as needed
Journaling: prompts for release & clarity on your goals & desires
Subtle energies training: learn to work with the different energies of our reality
Tips & tricks: how to clear your body, energy field & space of density

My goal is to make you conscious and independent of how your energy system and the Universe work, so you can be a grounded, free, and fully empowered being, walking your path with an open heart.


About Ines Della Valle

Ines Della Valle is a Multidimensional Healer, Soul Ascension Guide & Subtle Energy Specialist.

Her powerful sessions have been described by many as psychic surgeries. Ines dives into the infinite layers of reality, bringing your darkest shadows to the light - to heal trauma, alchemize density and harmonize the field to Sacred, Universal balance.


Ines’ Credentials

Egyptian Healing Arts

Ines has been initiated to the healing arts in the Egyptian Temples. There, she accessed for the first time the ancestral knowledge of the spiritual tradition of the Ancient Egyptians - a meeting that shaped the years to come. Since that moment, she has been walking an intense path of deep healing and evolution. She soon understood that her role was not limited to her own healing, but was to facilitate that of others.

Multidimensional Exploration

Her practice and research brought her to many other different countries - from Bali to India, Greece, England, and many more - where she extensively researched and trained, meeting with teachers and healers of diverse traditions or simply exploring the lands guided by Spirit to the sacred spots of the Earth. Every step into deepening the awareness of her multidimensional nature, channeling pieces of information from the Universal energies, organically unleashed her exceptional abilities.



Program Pricing

When paying with deposit, a € 500 non-refundable / non-transferable deposit applies.

One-time payment


Payment with deposit


Curious about EYMS?

We can hop on a preliminary call, where together we will discuss your desires and targets. Get in touch here.

What happens after you join

Once you feel that the EYMS program is the right step for you and you LOVE it, feel free to send the € 500 deposit, so I can start working on creating your own path. After a few days, I will present your very own tailored program and upon completion of the remaining balance, we can set up the first call : the ritual for the opening of the container.


EYMS does not have a fixed structure as it follows your natural flow, through the three months. I will ask you to buy a journal where you will take notes, write your wishes, and celebrate your accomplishments. We will decide together when to do the sessions every week, to keep the work going and at the same time respect your natural pace, giving time for integration.

Let the healing begin

Congratulations on taking this first, immense step! I am proud of you. Now open yourself up to the flow of change and evolution. An energy container will be created and our opening session will have the taste of a new beginning!

Frequently asked questions

Is EYMS an online or in-person program?

It can be done both ways. If you choose an in-person version you need to know that, as I often travel for workshops and missions, there's the chance that a few sessions will be done online.

What's the difference between an in-person session and an online session?

From the point of view of the results, there's absolutely no difference. They are both equally powerful. The online session can be done if you live in any part of the world and in the comfort of your own space. For the in-person session, you obviously need to be in the same country where I am at the moment. If we are together in the same room, all your senses will be stimulated as you will smell the essential oils I use, and I will touch your body during the healing.

What if I don't feel ready to embark on a three-month journey but I want to work with you for longer than a one-time healing session?

Let's connect! I offer packages of four or six weeks. I am happy to hop on a call, get to know each other and decide together what is the best approach for you. Learn more about healing sessions.