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Ines Della Valle is a Multidimensional Healer, Soul Ascension Guide & Subtle Energy Specialist.

Ines is the creatrix of Meet Your Multidimensional Self: a transmission where she guides people through deep healing, spiritual self-discovery and evolution of consciousness. Her powerful sessions have been described by many as psychic surgeries. Ines dives into the infinite layers of reality, bringing your darkest shadows to the light - to heal trauma, alchemize density and harmonize the field to Sacred, Universal balance.

Ines has been initiated to the healing arts in the Egyptian Temples & first unveiled her abilities there, tapping into the knowledge and the spiritual legacy of our ancestors, guided by the ancient Neteru (Universal Expressions, what today are referred to as the Goddesses and Gods of the Egyptian land) - and she now guides other humans to unveil their magical, multidimensional gifts.


Egyptian Healing Arts

She arrived in Egypt in the year 2011, working as a photojournalist and TV correspondent for international media, and she knew nothing about the Ancient Egyptian healing tradition, nor about healing practices. One night, she was invited to participate in a healing circle with the neteru, held by an Egyptian friend of hers. That night, her life changed completely as she accessed a mesmerizing world rich in visions, wisdom and powerful encompassing energies of many different frequencies. She accessed for the first time the ancestral knowledge of the spiritual tradition of the Ancient Egyptians - a meeting that shaped the years to come.

Since that moment, Ines has been walking an intense path through her own darkness to profound healing and expansion. After a few years, she understood that her role was not limited to her own healing, but was to facilitate that of others.

Multidimensional Exploration

Her practice and research brought her to many other different countries - from Bali to India, Greece, England, DRC, Sri Lanka...and many more - where she extensively researched and trained, meeting with teachers and healers of diverse traditions, or simply exploring the lands guided by Spirit. Every step into deepening the awareness of her multidimensional nature, channelling pieces of information from the Universal wisdom, organically unleashed her exceptional abilities.

Ines is able to detect density in someone's field and delete it, access karmic nodes, spells and curses and undo them. She sees the other versions of reality and of other people's existence, and she can interact with them in order to bring relief and solve the problems of their clients. She channels ancient energies and she is able to bring the person into an altered state of consciousness where they can experience the healing first-hand. She travels through space and time to retrieve lost parts of the clients' souls. She consciously grounds on this Earth high-frequency energies, to bring healing and give her contribution to the collective evolution of consciousness.


Photos show : Arab Spring & uprising, Egypt; Congo’s women mining community; India’s human hair market; Kiyembe ghetto, Kampala, Uganda; Arrow Boys militia & Juba’s womens prison, South Sudan. 

Documentary Photographer, Writer & TV Correspondent

Ines is a freelance multimedia journalist with a focus and drive to cover humanitarian and social issues. She started her career as a writer and photojournalist and later evolved into TV journalism and documentary production. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers like Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue, Marie Claire, and others. Her video reports have been aired by channels like the Swiss RSI - Radiotelevisione Svizzera, Sky TG, France 24 and others. She arrived in Egypt in 2011, to cover the Arab Spring and the democratic transition. Through the years, her job brought her to many crisis areas of the world, but her experience in Egypt, a country where she decided to make a home, changed her life.

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Where Healing & Story-telling Meet

After years of working with news and reportage, Ines is now exploring a slower, less-paced production with documentary photography, where she is experimenting with the merging of her knowledge about ancestral healing and storytelling. Her aim is to bring frequencies of ancient wisdom and healing to a wider public through the stories she tells about spirituality, human consciousness evolution and ancient civilizations - creating a unique transmission.

You can connect to her work through her social media pages, where she announces her early releases.

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