Meet Your Multidimensional Self

A healing transmission by Ines Della Valle

MYMS is a work of reconnection. It's a journey toward unveiling who we are at a core level. A path toward embodying our essence and opening our eyes to the gifts of the unseen.

We are not just a body: we are multidimensional beings. We have many other aspects that are invisible to an untrained eye, yet the impact they have on our life is extremely powerful, to the extent that they influence our physical reality. It is vital, for us, to acknowledge them. To see, meet and feel them with clear senses, so we can create a world where healing occurs and our desires materialize in front of our eyes.

A reality where we express our blueprint, walking our path as fully empowered humans.

Working with our multidimensional self is extremely potent. This approach enables us to connect with the hidden, unknown, or even lost parts of us. It teaches ways to integrate them into our consciousness establishing a two ways conversation, so they can open our eyes to the gifts they have for us.


Embody Your Multidimensional Self: The Program

For those brave souls who want to embark on an adventure to revolutionize their lives, this powerful tailor-made, three-month, one-to-one container is the right space for you.

Embody Your Multidimensional Self is a quantum exploration of all parts of your beautiful being, where we will work shoulder to shoulder, to bring healing and expansion to your life.

Imagine creating a daily life that is more aligned with your desires. Imagine shifting your perspective about your everyday reality, to a place where your needs are respected and your space is sacred. A place where you let go of what's keeping you stuck in situations that don't feel good to you, stepping into expansion, empowerment and flow. 

Booking a four- or six-week package is also available in the calendar.

Lift the veil to see how beautiful & powerful you are

Introducing Ines Della Valle


Ines is a Multidimensional Healer, Soul Ascension Guide & Subtle Energy Specialist.

Her powerful healing sessions, have been described by many as psychic surgeries. Ines dives into the infinite layers of reality, bringing your darkest shadows to the light - to heal trauma, alchemize density and harmonize the field to Sacred, Universal balance. Learn more

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